What is a Neo-Angle Shower Door?

Ashley Christensen
October 30, 2023

When shopping for a new shower enclosure, chances are you’ve heard of framed, frameless, and bypass, but have you ever heard of neo-angle shower doors? Now, a neo-angle shower will not work for everyone, and for many, it will not even be an option, but for those who are looking for a custom, corner shower door, a neo-angle may be a good option. What exactly is a neo-angle shower door and what are the benefits of a neo-angle over other style options of shower doors? 

What are Neo Angle Showers? 

Before you can decide if you want a neo-angle shower door, you should know what they are and if one will even work in your bathroom. Neo-angle shower doors are an alternative to a traditional corner shower door, as they are installed in the corner of the bathroom. Unlike a traditional corner shower, where all the corners meet at a 90-degree angle, a neo-angle shower door does something slightly different. When the corners of a neo-angle shower meet, it is generally at a 135-degree angle. Another big difference between a standard corner shower and a neo-angle shower is that a neo-angle shower door typically has three glass sides, with the door in the middle and the two sides, coming out from the bathroom wall at a 90-degree angle. Neo-angle shower doors can be customized as far as overall dimensions, panel widths, panel heights, and so on. 

Benefits of Neo Angle Showers

Probably the biggest advantage of a neo-angle shower door over other styles is its ability to save space without compromising the overall look and design of a space. Thanks to modern design and the ability to customize glass options, finishes, and sizes, a neo-angle shower door can take a blah-feeling bathroom and elevate it to a luxurious and cozy space.  

Another huge benefit of neo-angle shower doors is their simple design makes it harder for mold and deposits to accumulate, keeping your shower looking cleaner and pristine for longer. The minimalist design makes it easy to see what areas need to be cleaned and where anything may be accumulating, so you can remove it and clean it before it becomes a bigger problem. 

For many, the biggest benefit of installing a neo-angle shower door is the cost savings. A neo-angle shower door can be more cost affordable than a traditional framed, or even a frameless shower door. Just because you decide on a neo-angle shower door, doesn’t guarantee that it will be cheaper, the price will be dependent upon the size of the door and side lites, glass type, and frame choice. Before you commit to a neo-angle shower door, be sure to get a quote to know how much it will cost. 

If you are looking for a new neo-angle shower door, contact Gordon’s Glass today to schedule a free in-home estimate to see how affordable new neo-angle shower doors really can be. A unique option to spruce up a drab bathroom space can really transform your ordinary bathroom, into a masterpiece with a new neo-angle shower door. 


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