The Modern Office: Commercial Glass Partitions

Ashley Christensen
July 7, 2023

The modern office workspace is changing goodbye are the days of dark cubicles, and hello to glass-partitioned workspaces. There are many advantages of having commercial glass partitions to divide up a workspace rather than utilizing cubicles. Glass partitions are high-quality, non-load-baring panes of glass that function as room dividers. Typically they span floor to ceiling and use aluminum frames or other mounting hardware to hold the systems in place. 

Glass partitions allow for designers and architects to divide up a space, without sacrificing valuable floor space. Additionally, glass partitions are one of the simplest ways to update an office or commercial space to a modern office setting without breaking the bank. But, what is it about glass partitions that make them so popular? 

Advantages of Glass Partitions: 

  • Over time, glass partitions are generally more affordable than traditional building supplies, such as drywall. 
  • Less permanent than drywall, offering a more mobile solution than a permanent wall.
  • Allow for more natural light.
  • Reduces your need for artificial lighting
  • Creates a greater feeling of openness and connectivity among coworkers

Why Choose Commerical Glass for Your Interior Office Space? 

Aside from the above-mentioned advantages of glass partitions in an office space, there are other reasons why you should consider commercial glass partitions in your office space. 

  • Improves Office Appearance 

In a traditional office setting, coworkers are tucked away behind a solid wall, making it difficult if not impossible for workers to interact and bond with each other. On the other hand, glass walls create an entirely new atmosphere where people are allowed to interact and engage with each other. Office settings that take advantage of glass partitions are generally more aesthetically pleasing and practical too. 

  • Improves Workplace Relationships

When you remove a solid wall in your workspace and open it up with glass partitions, the entire attitude of the office environment can shift. Without a solid wall separating everyone, you are giving the impression that your business wants to be open and honest, not only within the company but with your customers as well. Any time someone, steps foot into your office space, they will see that you are open and on display, which translates to mean that you have nothing to hide, which in turn causes customers to feel as though they can trust you more. Another way in which removing walls improves relationships is that the openness within the space helps to improve and increase the productivity of your employees. 

  • Improves Communication 

It might sound like an oxymoron, but glass partitions actually improve communication. Solid walls and doors, hinder communications, as it can be intimidating to approach an office where you can’t see inside. With glass partitions you know who you are talking to before you enter the office, which helps to make people feel more comfortable when approaching someone's office to talk. 

  • Modern Design 

Glass interiors have a modern feel to them, which can convey the message that the company is focused on the future and not stuck in the past. When a potential new customer, current customer, or potential employee walks into your office, first impressions are everything. Create an environment that immediately lets them know that they are in a comfortable, modern, open environment where they will want to work or do business. 

  • Durable and Safe 

When you decide to install a commercial glass partition in your office space, it is critical that you choose materials that are safe and durable. Generally speaking, glass is a material that doesn't go out of style, is extremely durable and completely safe, as commercial glass partitions are made using tempered glass. Glass is a great investment for any office as it won’t tarnish, fade, or lose it’s sleek look over time. 

As you can see there are many benefits and reasons why you should consider a commercial glass partition for your workspace. Contact Gordon’s Glass today and talk to one of their commercial glass experts to see how a commercial glass partition can work in your space and upgrade your space.

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