How to Clean a Mirror

Ashley Christensen
January 8, 2024

Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the dirtiest of them all? Dirty mirrors are no joke, water spots, hand prints, dust, etc. all accumulate on your mirrors. When cleaning your mirrors, removing the initial dirt but leaving streaks behind is easy; which can be frustrating. So, how do you clean your mirrors so that you not only remove the initial dirt and smudge prints but the streaks from the cleaning solution as well? Here are three proven ways to effectively clean your mirror, and when asked: Mirror mirror on the wall who has the dirtiest mirrors of them all? You can confidently answer Not me! 

Bathroom mirrors are notorious for getting dirty, from gobs of toothpaste, layers of hairspray, fingerprints, and who knows what else. Because hairspray and toothpaste are sticky, simply wiping them off often results in a streaky mess. But, never fear there are a few simple tricks that you can use next time you clean your bathroom mirrors to prevent a streaky, smudgy mess when you’re done! 

Rubbing Alcohol

Lurking in your medicine cabinet is your secret weapon to having, clean, streak-free mirrors. Before you spray your traditional glass cleaner all over your dirty mirror, start by getting a cotton pad wet with rubbing alcohol, and dabbing away at the soiled areas. Taking the time to pretreat these solid areas, makes the biggest difference between achieving the optimal clean mirror you desire and a streaky mess. 


Vinegar is a power horse when it comes to working as a household cleaner, especially when you mix it up at home yourself. Not only are you saving money on cleaning products, but you are also getting a quality clean that isn’t full of chemicals. Simply mix a 1:1 ratio of water to vinegar in a spray bottle, giving it a good shake by mixing water and vinegar. To achieve the best results, spray your vinegar water mixture directly on a microfiber cloth, and zig-zag down the length of your mirror to prevent streaks. 

Microfiber Cloth

For years people have been using paper towels to clean their dirty mirrors when in reality, paper towels aren’t the best choice. The reason why paper towels aren’t the best option when trying to clean your mirror is that paper towels can leave behind lint and dust. Microfiber cloths don’t leave behind lint, dust, or anything else. Not to mention, microfiber cloths are reusable, saving you money while leaving you with a clean mirror.

Cleaning a mirror doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve a streak-free clean. Following these tips will ensure that you always have a clean mirror when you are done cleaning.

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