Common Tempered Glass Myths Debunked

Ashley Christensen
November 11, 2022

As with most things, there are common misconceptions and misunderstandings that often lead to myths that people tend to believe as being facts. One of the most common myths surrounding tempered glass is the misconception that just because it is tempered glass, means that is unbreakable. No matter how legit that might seem, it is simply a silly misunderstanding! Just like regular glass, tempered glass can break, the only difference is the amount of force that is required to break tempered glass is greater than regular glass. 

This is only one of the many different myths surrounding tempered glass, I’m here to help debunk other common myths about tempered glass. 

Tempered Glass is Not Really Glass

Another common misconception is that tempered glass is not really glass; many believe that it is a really strong type of plastic. This is not true. Tempered glass is regular annealed glass, that has been treated and heated to extreme temperatures to become more durable and safer for buildings, cars, and even some phone accessories. 

Tempered Glass Can Stop Bullets

This myth is extremely dangerous because tempered glass can not stop bullets. Tempered glass will shatter into a million little pieces when a bullet goes through it, but it will not stop a bullet. Bulletproof glass is an extremely higher-level version of protective safety glass. 

Tempered Glass Does Not Break in Extreme Heat

False. Tempered glass can withstand some heat, but it will melt and warp when it is exposed to extreme levels of heat. It can be microwaved and heated up to a certain temperature, but exposing it to fire and extreme heat will destroy it. 

Tempered Glass Can be Used as Eyeglasses

True and false. Technically tempered glass can be used to make lenses for eyeglasses, however, most opticians don’t usually prescribe this as it is an unnecessary expense. Most times eyeglasses use a cheaper material that is just as durable but is made specifically for lenses. 

Tempered Glass is Safe for Children 

When not handled correctly, tempered glass can be dangerous, which is why it is important that you watch children who are around any type of glass to prevent injury. Just because tempered glass is considered by many to be a type of safety glass, it is still not safe to leave children unattended around tempered glass

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