5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for New Windows

Ashley Christensen
December 12, 2022

Once you’ve made the decision to replace all the windows in your home, there are still a few things that you’ll need to do to be ready for your new windows to be installed. Once you have them ordered and scheduled to be installed, you can do a few things to make the process smoother and easier for everyone. 

Clean the Area Outside the Window

The biggest thing you can do to make the window installation process go easier and smoother for everyone is to clear the area outside your window. This simple task will make it easier for the installers to have direct access to the space, without having to navigate around outdoor furniture or larger planters. Installers may need to use ladders, scaffolding, or even a lift in order to reach the window, and having the area clear of obstructions makes it easier and safer for everyone. 

Clean the Area Inside the Window

Additionally, having the area around the inside cleaned will help to make the installation go smoother. Any furniture that is placed in front of or near the window, should be moved out of the way to allow full access to the workspace. Remove any area rugs or cords that could pose a tripping hazard. Remove anything that is of value or is breakable, to eliminate the risk of damage or breakage. When in doubt ask, or simply remove anything to ensure the process is smooth and easy for everyone, without having to worry about breakage or damage to anything. 

Remove Window Coverings

Finally, it is going to be critical that you remove ALL window coverings prior to installation. Due to the natural process of tearing out and installing a new window, any window coverings that are left hanging, are likely to be damaged. To save yourself some money and a headache, remove all window coverings (blinds, drapes, curtains, etc.), prior to installers showing up. 

Make Your Home Accessible 

Depending on the style of windows you ordered, the majority of the installation may be able to take place from the outside. But, installers will need access to the inside of your home, throughout the installation process. If you are unable to be home during this process, make arrangements for someone else to be there, or for your home to be unlocked so that you don’t have to reschedule. Additionally, if you have a home security system, you’ll need to ensure that it is disabled throughout the duration of the installation process, especially if you have window sensors. 

Keep Children and Pets Away 

It is natural for children to be curious and to want to watch and see what is going on, but it can be dangerous for small children and pets to be underfoot of the installers. Keep children and pets away from the installation, for the safety of the installers and for their own safety as well. Without having to work around or worry about children or pets, installers can get the windows done quickly and be out of your home in a timely manner. 

Planning ahead and doing a little preparation before the installers show up, will help to streamline the process and ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Clearing the work area ahead of time help prevents any damage from possibly occurring. If you looking to get the windows in your home replaced, contact Gordon’s Glass today for a free estimate! 

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