What are Standard Residential Window Sizes?

Ashley Christensen
March 22, 2024

When it is time to replace your residential windows, it may be tempting to go for custom window sizes rather than purchasing standard ones. Is there such a thing as standard residential window sizes or are they all custom sizes? What are standard residential window sizes? Different brands and different styles of windows will have different sizes they deem to be standard. 

The size of the window you’ll need will depend on the type of window you are getting. Different manufacturers will have minimum and maximum sizes they will make various styles of windows. The size of the window you order may also be influenced by local laws and building codes to ensure windows in certain rooms meet local egress requirements. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, allowing for the window to open upward and outward; making them ideal in locations that are hard to reach. Due to the design and function of awning windows, they are typically wider than tall so that they can open and close properly. Some of the most common, or standard sizes of awning windows include: 

Casement Windows

A casement window is hinged on one side, either the right or the left. This allows for it to swing open, similar to that of how a door swings open. Casement windows are a good option for rooms, where you need ventilation and/or natural lighting, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Casement windows typically are around 17 inches wide, and range upwards of 41 inches tall; the most common heights are 16 to 33 inches. 

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have one single sash that moves up and down and one fixed sash that doesn’t move. As such they tend to be one to two times taller than they are wide. For example, a single-hung can be two feet wide by three or four feet high. 

Double-Hung Windows

Like a single-hung, a double-hung window has two sashes that move up and down to open. Due to their universal design, double-hung windows are a good fit in common areas of a home, bedrooms, or any room that can benefit from an open window and airflow. For double-hung windows to function correctly, they are always going to be taller than they are wide. Typically widths range anywhere from 24 inches to 28 inches, with heights ranging from 36 to 72 inches. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are just as the name implies, they don’t open, which means they don’t have any sashes or hardware to interfere with your view. Ideally picture windows should be placed in rooms or areas of your home where you don’t need the window to open, and where you want to maximize the natural lighting. Because there is no functionality to a picture window other than enhancing the natural view and light, picture windows can be the same width and height. Typically picture windows can range from a meager 24 inches wide, all the way up to 96 inches. Similarly, heights can range from 12 inches up to 96 inches. 

Sliding Windows

Rather than opening up and down, a sliding window slides left to right. Sliding windows are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, common areas, basements, etc. Anywhere you need a window, a slider is a good option. As a general rule, sliding windows are wider than they are tall, ranging from 36 inches to 84 inches wide and 24 to 60 inches tall. 

The sizes mentioned here are just a general guide and are not a hard and fast rule when trying to determine standard residential window sizes. The best way to guarantee that you get the right-sized windows for your home is to contact a professional glass company, such as Gordon’s Glass. Our expert installers can come out to your home and measure the standard residential window sizes for your home, to ensure you get the right fit for your home. Contact Gordon’s Glass today to schedule your free in-home estimate.  


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