Types of Glass Used in Commercial Applications

Ashley Christensen
February 6, 2023

It's impossible to drive through any city and not notice all of the glass on the exterior of commercial buildings–large and small. This is due impart to the fact that glass has become a popular construction for a number of different reasons. Those reasons include security, increased productivity, and visual appeal and aesthetics. In order to achieve these various other goals with your commercial building, there are different types of commercial glass that can be used. 

The most common types of glass used in commercial applications include: flat, plexiglass, tempered, laminate, tinted, insulated, spandrel, and security glass. Some of these you’ve probably heard of, and others you might be wondering what they are or why you should consider using them. Here is a brief overview of some of these options to hopefully answer some questions that you might have. 

Flat Glass

Probably the most common type of glass to be used not only in commercial applications but residential ones as well. Flat glass is generally the starting point for creating glass doors, walls, and windows. Flat glass is also known as plate glass, or sheet glass and is often the material used to create double-pane windows. When flat glass breaks, it will break into sharp jagged pieces. 


Plexiglass is a type of plastic material that is highly shatter resistant and can be applied in a variety of useful applications, such as skylights, panels for building windows, signs, displays, and more. Plexiglass is available in different shades and colors, with the ability to apply tints and coatings to plexiglass, leaving you with an unlimited array of possibilities. 

Spandrel Glass 

Unlike most other types of glass, spandrel glass is not see-through. It is primarily used as a decorative accent or as a means to conceal a portion of a building structure. Because it is not transparent, it is available in various colors, giving you the ability to customize it to suit your design and decor preferences. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a safety/security type of glass that is often used in buildings that need an extra layer of protection. When broken, the laminate glass will hold together, thanks to the thin layer of plastic located between the layers of glass. Not only is it strong and safe, but laminate glass has the capability to reduce the glare and fading of interior components. Additionally, it can be tinted to reduce solar heat gain. In commercial glass applications, laminate glass can be used in windows, curtain walls, and storefronts. 

Security Glass 

Designed to be a step up from safety glass, security glass is designed to protect those who work on the other side of the glass from what is outside. Depending on the design, this can be anything from bullets, blasts, forced entry, or burglary. Additional options available for security glass include sound dampening, fire-rated, tinting, and high performance. 

Insulated Glass 

Insulated glass works to keep inside a building in the winter months, and out during the hot summer months. While helping to control the heat, insulated glass still allows light and sun heat to come into interior spaces. Due to its ability to cut down on the amount of heat loss, insulated glass is ideal in areas where that experience extreme, cold winter months. 

Regardless of the type of commercial glass that you need or want, Gordon’s Glass has extensive knowledge and experience with all types of commercial glazing. Not sure where to start or what glass option is right for you, give Gordon’s Glass a call today and talk to one of our commercial glass experts.  

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