How to Soundproof Windows from Outside Noise

Ashley Christensen
June 19, 2023

Windows are a great asset to any home, they allow for natural lighting, solar heat, and fresh air into your home. At the same time, they also can allow for outside noises to come into your home, and disrupt your peace and quiet. If you live in a quiet neighborhood you might not have a problem with outside noises, or you might not need to worry about how to soundproof your windows. 


No matter what you do, windows will never be able to block out 100% of external noises from your home. Anything from traffic, dogs barking, construction noise, and even birds can disrupt your quiet serenity within your home. While you can’t eliminate all outside noise, you can do a few things to reduce the noise. 

Soundproofing vs Sound Absorption 

There are two different methods used to reduce the amount of noise from outside that enters your home–soundproofing and sound absorption. While they both do essentially the same thing of reducing noise, they achieve this through different methods. Soundproofing stops outside noise from traveling through your windows, by halting or blocking sound vibrations in the air. On the other hand, sound absorption doesn’t block noise vibrations, instead, it reduces the noise once they enter. 

Seal Window Gaps 

One of the easiest ways to soundproof your windows is to use acoustic caulk. Acoustic caulk is specially formulated to reduce any noise that seeps through cracks between the window frame and the wall. Aside from reducing noise that seeps in, there are a few other benefits associated with using acoustic caulk. 

  • Durable: Even though windows are frequently opened and closed, caulk won’t shrink or crack over time. 
  • Longevity: When applied correctly, caulking can last for a long time, before having to be reapplied. 

Sound Dampening Curtains or Shades

Another really quick and easy way to reduce the amount of outside noise that enters your home is by simplifying installing sound-dampening curtains or shades. This method is effective due to the construction of the curtains and shades. With its thick, heavy material, and vinyl linings, sound-dampening curtains are able to absorb outside sound as it enters your home. Similarly, sound-dampening shades, trap outside noises between two layers of hexagonal fabric cells. While both sound-dampening curtains and shades are effective at dampening the noise, neither one is designed to absorb or eliminate excessive sounds, they are ideal for minimal noise and not significant sounds. 

Upgrade Your Windows

Newer windows do a better job of dampening outside sounds than older windows. If you have older, single-pane windows, you might want to consider upgrading your windows to new vinyl, double or triple-pane windows. Single-pane windows have no soundproofing or sound-dampening capabilities, which is why if you are looking for ways to reduce the amount of outside noise you can hear inside, you should seriously consider upgrading your windows. Double and triple-pane windows consist of multiple pieces of glass, with an air gap between the panes that trap and block noise from filtering through. The soundproofing capabilities of double and triple-pane windows are so significant, that they are arguably the best soundproof windows available. 

If you are really looking for ways to cut down on the amount of outside noise that can be heard from inside your home, you should seriously consider upgrading your windows. New windows not only have amazing soundproofing capabilities, but they also have insulating benefits that can have a significant impact on your budget, saving you money over the life of your windows. 

Gordon’s Glass has a wide selection of new double and triple-pane windows to help cut down on noise pollution and insulate your home simultaneously. When you are ready to upgrade your windows, contact Gordon’s Glass to schedule a free, in-home estimate and see how affordable new windows can be, and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with new windows!  


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