Flat vs Beveled Mirrors

Ashley Christensen
January 26, 2023

When ordering a mirror, you have more options than just deciding on the mirror size to order for your space.  The other option you’ll have is whether or not to order a flat mirror or a beveled mirror. Not sure what the difference is, or what a beveled mirror is, don’t worry we’re here to explain it to you and make the decision easier for you when the time comes. 

Flat Mirrors

A flat mirror is exactly what it sounds like, a flat plane reflecting surface. It does not have any special edging around the premier other than a possible seamed edge. While there are no special effects to flat mirrors, they reflect light clearly and can be framed or installed directly onto the wall. There are many advantages to flat mirrors, such as the ability to accommodate any design form. Additionally, flat mirrors are popular and more affordable than beveled mirrors. 

Beveled Mirrors

A beveled mirror is simply a flat mirror that has had its edges cut and polished to a specific angle and size. This process leaves the mirror thinner around the edges, while the middle remains the standard 1/4 inch thickness. Beveled mirrors are created by creating an angeled surface cut around the perimeter of the mirror. The angled surface is generally approximately 1 inch wide. The bevel acts as a prism that refracts light, splitting it into the various different colors of the rainbow. 

Advantages of Beveled Mirrors

Aside from the edges of a beveled mirror, there isn’t much that is different between a flat mirror and a beveled mirror. While they both reflect the same amount of light, there are a few advantages of investing in a beveled mirror over a flat mirror. 

  • More aesthetically pleasing. With a beveled edge reflecting light, creating a rainbow effect makes them appear more aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Safer to handle. Because beveled mirrors are ground and polished on the edges, they do not have a sharp edge, making them safer to handle. 
  • Provide depth to a space. Due to the fact that beveled mirrors are able to reflect and retract light better, they also provide a sense of depth to the room or space in which they are located. 

Whether you go with a flat mirror or a beveled mirror, you won’t be wrong. Both are beautiful and classic in their own ways. Next time you are looking for a new mirror, consider where it will be and what will look better in the space–flat or beveled.

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