Commerical Door Glass Replacement: Tempered vs Laminate Glass

Ashley Christensen
January 9, 2023

When you hear that your commercial door glass needs replaced, you might initially think that it is going to require some specialty glass that will cost you a small fortune. Lucky for you, commercial door glass replacement in Logan, Utah doesn’t have to cost a fortune, because you have options. The two most popular options include tempered glass and laminated glass, both of which are considered to be safety glass, so they can be installed in a commercial door. But, how do you know which one is right for you? Here is a guide to help you know the difference between tempered and laminate glass. 

Laminated Glass 

The easiest way to describe laminated glass is to think of it as a sandwich, you have two (or more) layers of glass that sandwich a piece of plastic in between the layers. All of these layers combined, make the glass much stronger and thicker, which makes it a safety glass, which is ideal for entrance doors, display cases, sliding doors, and other applications. 

One of the biggest advantages that laminated glass has over tempered glass, is that when it breaks it sticks to the plastic layer, instead of shattering into a million tiny pieces. The ability to keep its structural integrity, even when broken, can be a huge safety benefit as it eliminates the possibility of getting cut or hurt from broken glass. 

Tempered Glass 

Tempered glass is made through a process of taking a pre-cut piece of glass, with finished edges and heating it up in a tempering furnace, then rapidly cooking the glass. This process results in tempered glass that is 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same size and thickness. 

One of the characteristics of tempered glass that makes it unique is that it has more tensile strength than laminated glass. In other words, tempered glass is more capable of bending without breaking, which makes it ideal for skyscrapers and other areas that are susceptible to severe weather. In the event that tempered glass does break, it will break into small pieces that reducing the risk of injury compared to the large shards of non-tempered glass. 

Ultimately the decision between the tempered and laminated glass is going to be a personal choice based on preference and budgetary restrictions. To learn more about what glass type will work best for your commercial door glass replacement specific needs and application, contact Gordon’s Glass and talk to one of their commercial glass experts. With over 50 years of experience, Gordon’s Glass is your one-stop shop for all your commercial door glass replacements in Logan Utah! 

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