Benefits of Tempered Glass

Ashley Christensen
October 11, 2022


To the naked eye, all glass looks the same. But there are actually different types of glass–tempered, annealed, laminated, insulated, etc. While each is intended for a specific purpose, there are advantages to choosing one over the others, when given a chance. Depending on the application, and installation, code and local laws may dictate what type of glass can be installed and what can not be installed. 


Tempered glass is one of the most common types of glass, in fact, it is so common and used in a variety of applications that you might not even know! Tempered glass was designed as a “safety” glass, which is why it is used in as many applications as it is. Aside from being a safety glass, there are additional benefits and advantages to using custom-cut tempered glass. 



The biggest, and most obvious advantage of using tempered glass is the safety factor. When annealed or non-tempered glass breaks, it breaks into sharp, jagged pieces which can cause a lot of damage. When tempered glass breaks, it essentially explodes into a million tiny pieces, that are not nearly as dangerous. 



Annealed glass is turned into tempered glass through a thermal tempering process, which makes the glass even stronger than regular glass. As a result of the tempering process, tempered glass can stand up to strong winds, and direct impact from blows and bumps. Once the glass has been tempered, it can not be cut; so if you are ordering tempered glass, check double check, and even triple-check that you’re ordering the correct custom-cut glass size! 


Heat Resistant

Tempered glass can withstand heat up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. Its ability to withstand high heat makes tempered glass ideal for kitchen appliances, and shower doors; in addition to the fact that it is also safe. 


Crystal Clear

When annealed glass goes through the tempered process, it is strengthened, but the clarity of the glass is not affected. Because it is still crystal clear, tempered glass can still be used in windows, doors, shower doors, etc. Because tempered glass looks exactly the same as annealed glass, a small tempered logo is placed indiscreetly in the corner, indicating that it is tempered; otherwise, there is no way to tell if the glass is tempered or not. 


Scratch Resistant

During the thermal tempering process, the glass is made tough enough that it is scratch-resistant. Because it is able to withstand most scratches, it is an ideal material for applications that are more susceptible to being used and scratched. 


Available in Various Patterns and Custom Sizes

Just like annealed glass, tempered glass is available in various patterns and custom sizes. Each piece of tempered glass is ordered to your custom-cut glass size, partner, or shape. Regardless of the size, you need, or the application you need the tempered glass for, it is available. Just remember that because every single piece is custom, and because tempered can not be cut once tempered, it is critical you get your size and pattern correct the first time. 


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