Are Decorative Mirrors Out of Style?

Ashley Christensen
June 12, 2023

Interior design trends are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up, especially if interior design isn’t your forte. One question that a lot of people have on their minds is in regard to decorative mirrors–are decorative mirrors out of style? No, decorative mirrors aren’t out of style, in fact, they are still really popular. 

Are Mirrors Out of Style? 

Years ago it was not uncommon to find complete walls covered in mirrors, but now not so much. Just because homeowners aren’t covering walls in mirrors, doesn’t mean that mirrors have gone out of style, in fact, they are still a popular design element, just in a different format. Instead of having floor-to-ceiling, flat mirrors, many are utilizing mirrors in different shapes and sizes to create focal points within a space. 

There is more to style and design than simply throwing a mirror up on the wall and hoping that it looks good. When done right, mirrors can really enhance a space, making it feel larger, brighter, and homier than before. This is what makes mirrors timeless, and still in style today. 

Wall Mirror Placement 

As was previously mentioned, when mirrors are hung correctly, they add value to a space rather than detract from it. Where you place a mirror is key, especially in small rooms, where you are trying to make the room appear larger or brighter than it actually is. Before you pull out the hammer and nails, here are a few pointers to help ensure that where you place your mirrors will help you achieve the look and feel you want for your space. 

  • Place Mirrors Near Windows

Windows naturally allow for natural lighting to come into your home, when you place a mirror near a window, it enhances the amount of natural lighting. Depending on who you ask, some will say that placing a mirror across from a window will provide the maximum amount of light to be reflected, whereas others will say to place a mirror adjacent to the window. Regardless, when you place a mirror close to a window, you are creating a space where light can be reflected, allowing for the space to feel lighter and brighter. 

  • Avoid Placing Across from a Bed

Having a decorative mirror in a bedroom is not only for decoration but also serves a functional purpose. As such, it can be beneficial to not place the mirror across from the bed because it can be distracting from a space that is intended to be relaxing in nature. 

  • Use in Small Spaces

Similar to that of using mirrors around windows, it is also a good idea to use mirrors in small spaces. Not only will the mirrors reflect the light within the small space making it feel brighter, but a mirror can also make the space feel larger as it reflects the space. 

  • Place Mirrors in Entryways

This often overlooked area of a home can really benefit from having a mirror. Not only are entryways generally small or tight, but a mirror can also help to make them feel bigger. Additionally, having a mirror in your entryway allows you to look at yourself on your way out the door. 

  • Mantle

Another popular place to hang a mirror is above your fireplace, on the mantle. While it might be tempting to simply set the mirror on your mantle, it is best if you hang it 3 to 6 inches above, which will allow for the other items on your mantle to have a little bit of breathing room. You can pair this look with candle sticks or tall vases to accent the size of the mirror. If you are going for a more trendy and modern look, resting the mirror on the mantle so that it leans back, and pairing it with some artwork look good too. 

How to Get the Right-Sized Mirror for Your Space 

Trying to determine the size of the mirror that you’ll need for your space, is going to require a little more thought than simply the size. Where you intend on placing the mirror is going to factor into determining the optimal size for the space. 

  • Over a Piece of Furniture 

When placing a mirror over a piece of furniture, you’ll want the mirror to be smaller than the furniture. If the mirror is the same size or more significant than the furniture, it can be overbearing, or take over the furniture piece. When the mirror is smaller than the furniture it is easier to decorate and accent the furniture and mirror with lamps, vases, etc.

  • On the Wall 

Simply hanging a mirror directly on the wall, can help to make a space feel more prominent, as discussed earlier, but that doesn’t mean that you can have just any size hanging on the wall. A mirror that is too big can dominate and be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. Be sure to have plenty of wall space around the mirror so as to prevent the mirror from swallowing up the wall space and being overbearing. 

  • In the Bathroom 

Deciding on the size of a mirror for the bathroom is going to be dependent on the elements surrounding it. If you are doing a new build, or even remodeling your bathroom, you have the flexibility to customize the size and layout dependent on your lighting, electrical, and plumbing. If you are simply looking to replace an existing mirror, you’ll have to work around the existing plumbing, electoral, and lighting that is already installed. Typically you’ll want the mirror to cover the length of the sink with a little overhang if possible. 


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