5 Reasons to Add a Mirror to Your Home Gym

Ashley Christensen
October 5, 2022

Any homeowner who has a home gym, or aspires to add a home gym may look for ways to improve it or add to it. One way to easily improve and change a home gym space is to add a mirror. Mirrors are beneficial when working out because they can help you to stay on track, and make your space look bigger. If you need more encouragement to add a mirror to your home gym space, here are some reasons to consider it. 


Makes Your Gym Space Feel Bigger 

One reason why people love to have mirrors in their gyms and other spaces around their homes is that mirrors can make a space feel bigger and more open. This is especially true if your home gym space is small, as you’ll feel as though you are in a bigger space and have more room. Because mirrors allow you to be able to see what is going on around you, you can be more aware of your surroundings and feel more confident and comfortable because you’re not worried about what is happening behind you. In addition, to making the space feel bigger, mirrors can help you to see all of the equipment that you have, to help you decide what workout you want to do next. 

Mirrors Can Motivate You 

When you go to an actual gym, you will notice that there are mirrors everywhere. These mirrors can serve multiple purposes, such as aesthetics. But they serve a more essential purpose than just making the space look better. Mirrors can help to keep you motivated during a workout as they allow you to see your progress as you’re working out. It can be very satisfying to see how hard you are working during a workout, which can inspire and motivate you to keep going or to work out again. Aside from keeping you motivated, mirrors can help you to correct your form as you’re going, to help you get the most out of your workout. 

Low Maintenance 


Despite the common misconception, that home gym mirrors are high-maintenance, they aren’t! Home gym mirrors don’t require regular cleaning or upkeep in order to fully utilize them. All you need to do is wipe down your mirrors with a damp cloth or use glass cleaner, once in a while in order to make them look new again. Home gym mirrors don’t get dirty quickly or often, which means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning them or wiping them down every time you want to work out, it stays clean for a longer period of time. 

Check Form and Improve Technique 

When people are working out in front of a mirror, they aren’t doing it to be vain, mirrors actually serve a valuable purpose. When you work out in front of a mirror, you are able to see your form and make any necessary corrections or adjustments to ensure you have the proper form and prevent injuries and get the most out of your workout. Good form and technique are critical to ensure that you don’t get injured and to achieve the results that you are hoping to achieve from your workout. Next time you are working out in your home gym, take advantage of your mirrors to adjust your form or technique to ensure you are getting the most out of your time in the gym. 

Write Out Your Workout

 If you like to write out your workout plan before you begin to work out, you can use your mirrors as a whiteboard. Use a dry-erase marker, and write out your workout plan, or routine which you want to follow. When you are done, you can simply wipe away your routine using a dry cloth, and repeat it the next time you come into your home gym space to work out. Having the ability to write out a workout routine can be really beneficial and helpful for those who like to plan ahead instead of just winging it as they go. 

If you are looking to add mirrors to your home gym space, contact Gordon’s Glass today for a free estimate. Gordon’s Glass offers high-quality, custom-cut mirrors to fit any space; don’t wait to get custom mirrors added to your home gym so you can take advantage of working out in front of beautiful mirrors today! 

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